How it works

What is a stream overlay?

A stream overlay is your own unique identity of artwork and displays key information on your stream.

An overlay will make your stream more interactive with your fellow audience from a groovy webcam design, to a big bang-full of colours when you get a follow or subscriber on your stream using alert overlays.

This will show your viewers you mean business!


Easy process to get your stream to the next level!


Adventure through our collections and select the perfect design for your stream!


Follow the checkout process, and instantly have access to the download for the graphics, hassle-free.


Upload and place the artwork on your preferred streaming software, sit-back and stream with your new professional graphics.


How do I use an Overlay?

To take full advantage of overlays, we recommended software such as:
StreamLabs, OBS or xSplit

All free and easy to set up with plenty of online tutorials explaining how to add, move, enlarge artwork on your stream for viewers to see!

It's as simple as, uploading the images, and scaling & moving them into place.

Console streamers will require a capture card to show off your fancy overlays.

New to streaming?

Take advantage of our free product range on our website to get you up and running and show your audience you have what it takes!



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