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Red Stone Userbars

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The Red Stone Userbar is a set of premade Photoshop Member rank image design so you can quickly customise the text to your desired look. Change the text, name and colours to make your own set of forum member ranks.
Ideal for IPB forum member rank images for every rank you might need.

Customise the text, font, colours or styles - The whole PSD file. 

The product file is strictly the artwork files, fonts are not included.

Document Size: 182 x 51 px

What's included:

  • Original PSD file for customisation
  • Text Layers to Edit the PSD Text
  • Multiple Blank Versions in different colours
  • Examples of how they can be used

File includes PSD file formats.
PSD files would require Adobe PhotoShop to edit. 

If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, don't worry! We also include black PNG copies so that you can add your own text by other means.

Alternatively, we offer to edit the text for you at no costcompletely free, all you need to do is contact us once you've purchased a product. 

Lower preview quality & Watermark/Copyright overlay will be removed upon purchase. 


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